08 April, 2009


Hello bloggers, most of you will have noticed I've been pretty much shit at keeping the blog updated over the past couple of months, some will argue I've always been shit! Well anyway with starting the Disturbed Beats night up, rubbish internet connection and a few other things I just haven't had the time to sit through and download every track thats been sent to me.

Maybe thats just an excuse for my laziness but my inbox is getting way to many emails so I'm asking for a little help from the people who send me music. If you could try and send over your tracks including somewhere were I can stream each track (like zshare), also a download link if it's not included with the stream and enough info for me to go off so i'm not searching everywhere. A full quality copy of all the tracks for my personal use is also a good way of getting me to notice your emails too ;)

Things to include in emails:

  • Use the 'Subject' space carefully in your emails otherwise it all looks like junk to me
  • Streaming audio of each track you're sending
  • Include download link, high quality mp3 for my personal use helps too :)
  • Enough info about yourself + the tracks and any myspace, facebook, twitter links otherwise they won't be included

As long as you stick to them points your emails will get read and have more of a chance of getting posted on DB... as long as it's good shit that is!

Now back to blogging, loads of tracks to go up in the next few days so keep an eye out!


jasperyn said...

thats a blog update? what the f!!!... i used to chek ur blog always!!, i really mean it, it was only an excuse for promoting YOURSELF!, make some contacts... what a pitty really... lame

Nelly said...

if you feel that way then don't check it mate... i started the blog for my love of music and not to get comments saying i'm lame.. cheers fella.

who wouldn't promote their own club night on THEIR OWN blog?? pretty stupid if you didnt don't you think? but how else do i promote MYSELF!

jasperyn said...

u r so right, you started the blog for the love of music, and it ends for the love of $$$, and exclusive tracks (that u ever ever posted in here)... the first post were great, now all you do is post just to fill the gap in your so, abandoned, blog... pitty.
P.S. And again, your are sooo right man!!, i will never ever check your blog, good look! "mate"

Nelly said...

the love of $$$??? i don't make any money off this blog..

"and exclusive tracks (that u ever ever posted in here)... " not really understanding you there but nevermind, love the support ;)