29 April, 2009

Phunkers w/ HiJack & Rene van Munster (02.05.09)

Phunkers get ready for their second party this coming Saturday (02/05/09) joined by HiJack and Rene van Munster so if you are in the area then this is a must! See Phunkers for more details.

Phunkers #2
Saturday 2nd March

Space Pirates (Live)
Rene van Munster
Jeff Doubleu

Broadway, Erp

Also sent over is their promotional mix from Jeff Doubleu & Djo-an as a way of introducing any of you dutch out there that are not awear of this jackin' sound!

Phunkers promo mix by Jeff Doubleu & Djo-an (Mediafire) (zShare)
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1. Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut – Falling (Edit) [Wearhouse]
2. Poligono – Ocho [Jack Union]
3. Oliver $ - Hotflash Vol. 3 [Grand Petrol]
4. Dj Dan – That Phone Track (HiJack Remix) [Audacious]
5. Rennaisance Man – The Rhythm [Kitsuné]
6. Alternative Reality – What You Do To Me (René Van Munster Remix) [Prompt Digital]
7. Magick Johnson – Move (Jesse Rose “Made To Play Edit”) [Southern Fried]
8. Acid Kids – Hightower (HiJack Remix) [Acid Kids Records]
9. Jak Z – Cats Dream [Jengaa]
10. Poligono – Caguama Noise [Jack Union]
11. Jak Hogan – Devo (Oliver $ Dub Mix) [Rekids]
12. Jeff Doubleu – African Dub Concert [Jengaa]
13. Jak Z – Saxamaphone [Jack Union]
14. Natty Jack – Jackin Da Garage (HiJack Remix) [Wearhouse]
15. Lee Mortimer – No Ordinary Girl (HiJack Remix) [Wearhouse]
16. Rockwell D – You Can`t Cool (Scott Cooper Remix) [Potty Mouth]
17. René Van Munster – Ninjas [Jack Union]
18. Consistent – French Friend [TFE]
19. Jack LesL – Steady [Cdr]

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