19 June, 2009

BRABE - Inner Time EP

Latest offering from HiJack's Jack Union label, dutch producer Brabe with his "Inner Time EP" including a tastey remix from the boss himself. Available now from beatport.

JU011: BRABE - Inner Time EP
1. Inner Time (Original Mix)

2. Inner City (Original Mix)

3. Gravity Modulations (Original Mix)

4. Gravity Modulations (HiJack Remake)


AJ of Blogger said...

Sounds like a great EP. The HiJack remake is just insane, reminds me of Daft Punk's style.

Anonymous said...

any links ??

cobra bobbels said...

ya lo tengo mijo...es cierto que a tus fiestas van 16 weyes como a las mias?

salute, brabe champion!!