19 June, 2009

Wongo Live @ Monastry

I've been told Danny T is throwing some wicked parties lately over at Monastry Night Club in Brisbane, Australia. Next up is Potty Mouth's Adam Bozzetto, Chris James & Wongo vs. Danny T. Head down to check it out if you're in the area. Here's a live mix sent from the man Wongo who played the club about 2 weeks ago.

Wongo Live @ Monastry (Sendspace)

01. Jacob London - When A Man Loves A Woman
02. Audio Bullys - Way Too Long (Switch Mix)
03. Shab Ruffcut - Becky (Wongo Edit)
04. Tom EQ - The Beat
05. Wongo - The Wombat Woddle
06. Poligono - Caguama Noise (Wongo Mix)
07. Mattafix - Big City Life (Solid Groove Mix)
08. Tee Ski & Ruffcut - Iran (His Majesty Andre Mix)
09. ?? - ?? (Hijack Remix)(Wongo Edit)
10. Eri Nobuchika - I Hear The Music (Solid Groove Mix)
11. Poligono - Sunset Memories
12. Layo & Bushwacka - Life 2 Live (Jesse Rose Mix)
13. Solid Groove - Flookin (Solid Groove Remix) (Wongo Edit)
14. Acid Kids - Mad Mahoney (Hijack Mix)
15. Carbon Parlour - We Would Like
16. Nic Sarno - Elephant
17. Renaissance Man - Spraycan
18. TJR - Mind Altering
19. Jeff Doubleu - Tune In
20. Magik Johnson - Feelin Alright (Solid Groove Mix)


RJ said...

love wongo!
some classic selections there too.

Jeff Doubleu said...

tunnneee innn

thnx kisses and hugs wongo!!!

wongi said...


zshare link if senspsace is being a cunt xxx

you know it ryan ;) x, i think of late i play more old shit than new lol

flat20 said...
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seven said...

Tom eq - The beat
en que sello esta editado?
sabes donde lo puedo conseguir?

Maikel Mortar said...



wonga said...

tom eq - the beat. talk to tom. not sure what the deal is.