26 August, 2009

Upload Your Own Wednesdays 007

Had some nice tracks in the last week, even a full album in the comments, check out the best of the bunch below.

First up a remix of Kosheen's "Catch" from Daniel Down.

Next up is a new electro album from Belgium based Who Are We entitled "Fixtion"

Who Are We - Fixtion (Mediafire) : FULL ALBUM 320

01. Fake flute
02. Hypem
03. Sexy Sound
04. Joysticker
05. War In Heaven
06. Check This Out
07. Candy Shock
08. Whatever

and if that wasn't enough they've sent over some of their remixes too:

Now more of the same please, get uploading your's to the comments!

1 comment:

Marcus said...

Hey! Underground Resistance - Footwars (Yeah! Woho! Re-Edit)