17 December, 2010

American Royalty - Lately

I was sent a remix of a band called American Royalty the other day which is pretty awesome, now I'll admit I'm far from a lover of bands but I had a little listen to their new single 'Lately' and it's got a banging bassline! Have a read of the info the label sent over and check it out for yourself if you're into that sort of shit, Soundcloud and iTunes links below.

You can also grab the Vhyce Remix they sent over:

mp3: American Royalty - Lately (Vhyce Remix)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

"Its rather difficult to describe this new young group that seemed to appear out of nowhere onto the Los Angeles music scene. With the band average age being 22 years old, the only conclusions anyone seems to be able to reach is that they are young and fearless. The bands unique ambivalence to a particular genre, raw musical talent and vast music taste leaves most people struggling to think of another band to compare them to; most end up with something along the lines of somewhere between The Black Keys and The Bloody Beetroots. Others simply give up, saying I cant describe them. you just have to see them live.
American Royaltys progressive take to the stage involves equal parts classic rock and progressive house, with frontmen Billy Scher and Marc Gilfry manning electric guitars, synthesizers, and
samplers; while behind-the-scenes production wizard
Richard Morris simultaneously holds down the drumkit and the non stop sample and loop firings. On top of all that, Gilfry and Scher take a refreshing step away from overprocessed dance vocal traditions and bring raw and powerful classic rock lead vocals to the mix.

Their lead single
Lately is an incredibly natural mix of psychedelic rock and raw electro house, seamlessly held together by these sonic tailors eloquent skills, leaving the listener thinking what has been suggested all along I need to see this sh*t live. With it came a stellar remix of "Lately" from Belgian wunderkind Vhyce, who somehow downshifts the madness of the original track to an eerie deep house gem.

Basically the whole "
El Ardemo" EP really is a collection of five fantastic tracks, each executed with enough charisma and vision to stand alone. And would you believe me if I said that even with all the genre crisscrossing, after listening to this EP, one still seems to somehow leave with a very firm
understanding of American Royalty's personality? I suppose not until you give it a listen. Stream the whole thing on
Soundcloud and buy the whole EP on iTunes

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