12 May, 2008

Disturbed Beats 003 - Mixed by The Bulgarian

I'm pleased to give you 003 in the mix series by one of Disturbed Beats favourite artists, The Bulgarian. This one is short but very very sweet and full of exclusive new material from the BG.

The mix was done live with a little help from his close friends... (laptop, ableton, roland tr-505, akai mpd16 and pcr m30).

Disturbed Beats 003 - Mixed by The Bulgarian (Mediafire) *NEW LINK*


001 Minimal Intro Thingy
002 Calvertron - Stumble (The Bulgarian Remix)
003 Geoff K - Vodka & Sugarfree Redbull (The Bulgarian Remix)
004 The Bulgarian feat. Oh Snap! - Check to Check Millionaire (Original Mix)
005 Bring Back the Duck Remix Transition
006 AC Slater - Party Like Us (The Bulgarian's 'Rave Like Us' Remix)
007 Minimal Duck Outro


Anonymous said...

Can i please get a tracklist for the Bulgarian set??

Nelly said...

there you go :)

Anonymous said...

Sick, those new tracks

Anonymous said...

the bulgarian its god damn sick!!! thnx for the mix