07 May, 2008

Starr Gifts!

A gift arrived in my mail box today from friend of the blog Riva Starr in the form of a link to his recently released remix of "Coming Up" by Colin Hobbs on White Noise Recordings. With plays from Switch, Jesse Rose and all the usual suspects. Link is only up for the next 10 days so grab it now, this is one you don't want to miss!

Colin Hobbs - Coming Up (Riva Starr Remix) (zShare)

If you dig then don't be an arse and get the full release here.

While were on Riva Starr here's another remix he's done for U&A Recordings of London of Elite Force's "Melodik Hypnotik". I'll let the label do the talking on this one:

The eighth release on U&A Recordings sees the release of the first in a series of remixes of older Elite Force tracks, under the project-name Re:Vision. Originally released on the now defunct Kingsize label, 'Melodik Hypnotik' was one of the labels biggest records of it’s time and now it returns on U & A Recordings in newly formed versions from 2 of the hottest remixers around, with the added bonus of the re-mastered original mix, and Elite Force's very own re-rub from '05, which has never been available until now. The first mix comes from Plasmapool's Miles Dyson and melds electro house attitude with classic breaks fonk stylings to create a huge big room monster. His recent remixes successes with releases such as 30Hz’s ‘Daddio’ Jude Sebastien's 'Rubberman' have shown that Miles Dyson is playing at the very top of his game, and his mix of Melodik Hypnotik is no doubt set to be his biggest yet. The second mix is from Dirtybird artist Riva Starr who turns in a awesome, low-slung, deep techy take on things and comes up with a stripped and hypnotic version that jacks up the bass and lets fly with a groove that is rolling and percussive. Quality house music that clearly shows why Claude Von Stroke has taken this talented producer on board.

Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Riva Starr Mix) (zShare) (128 only)

Buy the full release

Audio Snippets:
Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Miles Dyson Mix)
Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Riva Starr Mix)
Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Elite Force's unreleased '05 re-rub)
Elite Force - Melodik Hypnotik (Original 2003 Mix)


Anonymous said...

Can you upload full songs instead of Audio Snippets next time please? It's frustrating when looking through blogs that do that!

Nelly said...

mate its frustrating for me when people use the blog then dis it for not being exactly what they wanted.. the tracks you are talking about are audio snippets because they have been sent by the record label to help promote their new release, would be a bit stupid of them to give away the full release wouldn't it. if you like the songs you just need to click the link and BUY the track.