27 May, 2008

Round Table Knights + Deviant Soundsystem + OldSchoolReunion

First of all my apologies for a really slack month in terms of posts but what can I say... anyway straight on with what you're all here for.

First up is Round Table Knights with their "Very Late" Spring Mix which i'm also late in posting as they sent it about a week ago, sorry but I've just had time to listen to everything tonight.
Round Table Knights (Very late) Spring Mix 2008

01. Yeasayer - Sunrise
02. Danny Gold - Throwdown (Pilooski Edit)
03. Comron - C64 Carat (Tom Trago Remix Instrumental)
04. Knight Acion - Single Girl
05. Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Disco Dub)
06. K.I.M. - Party Machini (Emperor Machine Extended Mix)
07. Riva Starr - La Conga
08. Junior Boys - No Kinda Man (Jona Remix)
09. Le Le - Breakfast
10. Bart B More - Make Some Noise
11. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
12. Juice String - Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)
13. Deadset - The Deacon
14. Matthew Dear - It's Over Now
15. Dj Amazing Clay - Favela Funk Samba
16. El Guincho - Kalise
17. Woolfey - Odyssey
18. James Pants feat. Deon Davis - Crystal Lite
19. Michael Danna / DeVotchKa - The Winner Is
20. Robert Wyatt - A Beautiful Peace

Now for Deviant Soundsystem, a collaboration of Die Theory & Brandon Klem, mid-west United States based DJ's and Producers. Both into their Techy House, Jackin Wonk styled bass lines, now thats enough to get me interested so check out the quality selection of new and yet to be released tunes they sent through below then head to their MySpace for release dates/links to buy.

Chris James - Chop It Up (Deviant Soundsystem Mix) (zShare)
Deviant Soundsystem - Filth & Funk (zShare)
Deviant Soundsystem - Ticket 33 (zShare)
Rene Van Munster - Phonesmack (Deviant Soundsystem Mix) (zShare)
Spangled Ballet - Destruction Friday (Deviant Soundsystem Mix) (zShare)

They also sent through their May Mix for your listening pleasure,

Deviant Soundsystem May Mix

01. Foamo - Moving It Over Here (Original Mix)
02. HeavyFeet - Sick Like That (Santiago & Bushido Remix) [Potty Mouth]
03. Spangled Ballet - Destruction Friday (Deviant Soundsystem Remix) [Venga Digital]
04. Rustler - Get Dumb (Original Mix)
05. Donald Glaude & DJ Dan - Stick Em (Original Mix)
06. TJR - Sonic Chronic (Original Mix)
07. Deviant Soundsystem - Ticket 33 (Rudder Ridicufunk Remix) [Venga Digital]
08. Wongo - Everyday I (Deviant Soundsystem Remix) [Cultural Outlaw]
09. Mowgli - Party Boppa (Original Mix)
10. The Bulgarian - Barn Dance (Hi Jack Remix)
11. Rustler - This Is Not A Drill (Ed Kane Remix) [Venga Digital]
12. Ryan Murgatroyd - What You Do To Me (Stupid Fresh Remix)
13. Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Foamo Remix)
14. DJ Kue - Lovers Break (Original Mix)
15. Rene Van Munster - Phonesmack (Deviant Soundsystem Remix)
16. ??? - Turn You On (Mowgli Mix)
17. Harley - From Paris With Love (Breakdown Remix)

Finally check out this nice little track from OldSchoolReunion,

OldSchoolReunion - LoveStory (zShare)

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Anonymous said...

the tracklist is wrong for the round table knights mix

second song is

del shannon - gemini (pilooski edit)

not danny gold