24 July, 2008

CRUX009 Promo !!!

Just received this in my inbox this minute from Crux Records and it's limited to 350 downloads this time so be quick, haven't had chance to have a listen yet it's that fresh! so if you manage to get hold of it before it runs out let us know what you think... Some tasty remixes including the mighty Kelevra and Bryan Cox. This is available to download now from Beatport.

Drop Off Service - Shacks (YouSendIt) Back up soon.

01. Shacks
02. Shacks (Dub)
03. Shacks (Radio)
04. Shacks (Bryan Cox Remix)
05. Shacks (Bryan Cox Instrumental)
06. Shacks (Bryan Cox Radio)
07. Shacks (Kelevra Remix)
08. Shacks (Luvstuff Remix)

Once the limit is reached please don't email asking for it, buy it from Beatport.


Anonymous said...

how the hell dat link works?

cutups said...

doesn't seem like this can be downloaded since it was sent to your address specifically.

Nelly said...

changed the link, does that work?

Anonymous said...

Still doesn't work. It will only allow the email address it was sent to to download.

Nelly said...

should be fixed now, sorry about that

Molinaro said...

still doesn't work....

try zippyshare...rapidshare or something else

Nelly said...

I know sorry, waiting on another link from crux


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