08 July, 2008

Tracks, Tracks and more Remixes!

First off i'm sorry to everyone who's been emailing over tracks over the past month or so there's just been to many for me to get my head round, anyway here's my picks of the bunch!

Fresh from the release of the Machines Don't Care album Affie Yusef's eagerly anticipated "Ebony Acid Dash EP" is about to drop on On The Brink, here's a remix from the EP to wet your ears..

Affie Yusuf - Ebony Acid Dash (DJ Mayhem Remix) (zShare)

Also on the EP: Ebony Acid Dash, Coca Hooker and Shake Bake.


Now for 2 Supabeatz remixes and a Bloody Beetroots remix of Supabeatz own "Sexo Perfecto". 3 top remixes! I must say I have never really followed the BB's but listening to this remix I think i've been missing out big time!

Submantra - Grateful (Supabeatz Remix) (zShare)
Amana Melomè - Caterpillar (Supabeatz Remix) (zShare)
Supabeatz - Sexo Perfecto (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (zShare)


Outlaws mix of "Council Estate" by Tricky is only to be released in Australia so the Outlaw himself thought it a good idea to make the mix that little bit more mental and send it to us so we can all have a rave!

Tricky – Council Estate (Outlaws ‘VIP Monster’ Mix) (zShare)


More from OldSchoolReunion now, this one very Justice sounding...

DJ Mark Flip - Idle (OldSchoolReunion Remix) (zShare)


Fresh for 2008 RadioKillaZ with their Re-fix of "Lord Of the Null Lines" ... 'Fuckin Voodoo Magic Man!

RadioKillaZ - Voodoo Magic (zShare)


New electro banger from the Chubby Fingers camp

Chubby Fingers - Thugs (Elektro Refix) (zShare)

Plus another i'm really into at the minute...

Chubby Fingers - I'm Buzzin' (zShare)


Young 16 year old from South Africa who goes under the alias Whack Flava has sent over his latest track "Alarm".

Whack Flava - Alarm (zShare)


Now this one I have no info about but it's a bit fucking special, sent through about 2 weeks ago. Check it out and I'll try find a bit more about the remixer.

N.E.R.D - Time For Some Action (Tricky Remix) (zShare)


DIRT... how good is that word! Infact it's my favourite word at the minute, if you're a friend of mine then you'll probably be sick of me repeating it by now... anyway back on track and here's a 'filthy' remix from Dave Dirt of the classic "Jump" by Kriss Kross.

Kriss Kross - Jump (Dave Dirt Remix) (zShare)


And finally I started to listen to this and wasn't really sure about choice of song but then the wonky sounds started... what do you all think?

Clash - Should I Stay Should I Go (Biancardi Mix) (zShare)


Anonymous said...

Haha, nice post!

Keep up the good work!

Greetz Maiqelz

Anonymous said...

I'd like Chubby Fingers - Thugs (Elektro Refix) the most!

Keep rocking underground DB!


Anonymous said...

hi friend

thank for your support,

I have added your blog ay my homepage

Domenico Biancardi

Anonymous said...

First off I want to say that BEATS ARE NOT EASY TO MAKE! My friend is going big now, his production company is 'LeeWells' and his beats are going to be for britney spears, lil wayne, and just things that truly amaze my ears. I respect anyone and everyone who messes with beats cuz it is NOT easy!

-D@ Fresh Punk!