03 July, 2008

Headshotboyz "Exodus" LIMITED DOWNLOAD

Fuck me!! get your hands on these 2 downloads double quick, some serious fidget sent through from Crux Records and limited to 100 downloads.
Crux Records is getting evil on your ass! This time with the headshotboyz droppin' this new wild fidget house chart killer! The heavy bass stomps in like Frankenstien wearing sub bass for shoes! He is greeted by hypnotic singing from hell's baptist choir! The tension is thick with symphonic builds when Beetlejuice appears on his 400 foot organ laying down one evil chord progression! Holy Scheisse Sandwiches!! Frank stutters "drop it" because he feels a bit glitchy! Bam! A dramatic violin stab and percussion beat down ensue!! This Double Feature includes a gruesome sub woofer stabbing remix from Bryan Cox!!!!

Headshotboyz - Exodus (YouSendIt)
Headshotboyz - Exodus (Bryan Cox Remix) (YouSendIt)

Available now exclusively on Beatport.

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Killawatts said...

how can i get this now???