06 November, 2008

HeavyFeet Freebies....

They said they were gona be in touch with some blog only tracks my god they've delivered! Not 1 track but a whole EP, 3 brand new HeavyFeet tracks just for you bloggers.

First up is 'She Got It' on a US House vibe, 'We Gettin Crunk' leans towards energetic Bassline, and finally 'One Last Time', a more standard club/ravey number.

HeavyFeet - She Got It (Mediafire)

HeavyFeet - We Gettin' Crunk (Mediafire)

HeavyFeet - One Last Time (Mediafire)

And if that wasn't enough they have also just completed their Autumn Promo Mix featuring new and exclusive tracks (complete with their own edits) from the likes of Zinc, Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusuf, Rico Tubbs, Pirate Soundsystem, Baobinga, Natty Jack and of course, HeavyFeet themselves. The mix swings through some Garage, House, Bassline, Dubstep and D&B, largely reflecting the duo's favoured DJing sound.

HeavyFeet Autumn Promo Mix (SendSpace)
Tracklist in comments...

Now about to disappear into the studio for a few weeks to work on 4 new EPs, don't forget to drop them a message on their myspace page to say thanks for the freebies... it makes a difference and it only take a minute.

To book HeavyFeet for your knees up email.


Nelly said...

01. CJ Reign & Proton (Go To The Floor) // DPR
02. Gella - Chi Kaa Chi Koo // Fat!
03. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction // Klassic Fiasco
04. Two Lone Swordsmen - Shack 54 (Frogs In Socks Remix) // CDR
05. Speaker Junk - Run The Track // Speaker Junk
06. Vukasin & Ruffcut - Understand (Natty Jack Remix) // Jack Union
07. Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix) // Splank!
08. HeavyFeet - Drop The Beat // Tragic Magic
09. Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver $ Remix) // Fiction
10. Affie Yusuf & Trevor Loveys - Insects // Tragic Magic
11. Sexual Chocolate - Ass Backwards (HeavyFeet Remix) // Junky Trunk
12. Nadastrom feat. Blaqstarr - Tween U & Me // Dubsided
13. HeavyFeet - Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix) // Bombsquad
14. 3 Is A Crowd - Take It Back (HeavyFeet VIP) // CDR
15. Nadastrom - Pussy // Dubsided
16. Busy P feat. Murs - To Protect & Entertain (Crookers Remix) // Ed Banger
17. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat // F Communications
18. Zinc feat. Foreign Beggars - Move // Bingo
19. The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (HeavyFeet Remix) // CDR
20. Gella feat. Spyda - Twinkle (Baobinga & ID Remix) // Fat!
21. HeavyFeet - We Gettin' Crunk // CDR
22. Rico Tubbs - New Flava // CDR
23. Richard Dolby - The Origin // Rewind
24. Pirate Soundsystem - Pum Pum Head // CDR
25. ID - Flay // Cool & Deadly
26. TRG - Killed It Dead (Emalkay Remix) // Audio Freaks
27. Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano feat. Karen Danzig - How Am I? // Can You Feel It
28. Axwell - I Found U (High Contrast Remix) // Positiva
29. Cabbie - Heavy Duty // Chronic
30. Danny Byrd - Shock Out VIP // Hospital
31. Benga & Coki - Night (Zinc Remix) // Tempa
32. HeavyFeet - Rude Bwoi (WT Remix) // CDR

AJ of Blogger said...

Amazing! It's cool you got them to post on the blog. She's Got It and One Last Time are solid!

dubbel dutch said...

nice! thanks nelly and of course big up to the heavies!

Anonymous said...

Whats the EP called??

daniellitO* said...

thanxxx men como siempre heavyfeet buenos tracks :)

ravemachine said...

dope cd.... i love their "drop the beat" track

Unknown said...

Hi does anyone have the Ruffcut & loveys mix tracklisting?