10 November, 2008

We Some Playerz

24 Skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire "We Some Playerz'"with remix from Bryan Cox and Chew Fu!
Techno/House Veteran & Crux Records Label Owner Bryan Cox teams up with Grammy Award winning rapper Chamillionaire to create a new breed of hip house and electro madness!

Tracks in Release:
24 Skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire "We Some Playerz" (Bryan Cox Remix) (zShare)
24 Skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire "We Some Playerz" (Bryan Cox Radio Remix) (zShare)
24 Skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire "We Some Playerz" (Chew Fu feat. J.Cast Remix)

Again you know should know the drill with these Crux promo's, very limited downloads so don't waste time reading my shit, get them now. Available from Beatport tuesday, 11th Nov.


Anonymous said...

you're such a dick to share promo tracks. which words you didn't understand in PROMOTIONAL TRACKS ?

Nelly said...

whats your problem mate? they were sent from crux themselves to share.. if you've read the blog before you'd have seen they normally send them over as limited.

Have a read before you go around calling ppl dicks.

Anonymous said...

Not to be blogged. THINK.

Nelly said...

come on mate, have you tried clicking the link?... if not have a click and see what it says...

then come back and say sorry for calling me a dick

Dwix said...

WOW WOW calm down !

Nelly used promo links with low quality mp3 sent by Crux.

They sent playable quality tracks + promo links to djs and blogs. I saw everybody to respect Crux instructions.