20 November, 2008

Jackinori - Whats The Story EP [Venga]

Jackinori - Whats The Story EP [Venga Digital]
With Remixes from Dubjack & JakZ
Release Date: November 24th
Available from all good digital shops including Beatport and JunoDownload

A1 - Jackinori - Get Ill (Original)
A2 - Jackinori - Get Ill (Dubjack Remix)
A3 - Jackinori - The Groove (Original)
A4 - Jackinori - The Groove (JakZ Remix)

Whats the Story Jackinori? Well, Jackinori burst onto the scene aged just 19 with his first full production, a cheeky bootleg of Fatboy Slim - Star 69.

Since then, his debut release with A New Hope Recordings has dominated DJ charts accross the World.

Onto the future then, and with a raft of original and remix productions coming up for release, and with props from the likes of Micky Slim, Nick Supply, Hijack, Wongo, Bass Weazal, Heavyfeet, Liam Vizzle and more... the future is looking good for Jackinori!

This release combines a techy electro vibe, straight up fidget, and a thirst for all things bassy!

Here's what DJ's had to say!

Micky Slim "Get Ill original for me :) 4/5"
Heavyfeet "Dubjack mix is pretty cool chaps. Big. :)"
Malente "not sure now if i like A1/A2 better, a party seems to be guaranteed with both these releases! 4/5"
Nick Supply "Diggin jak Z's new stuff, and that orig of the groove has been in my sets for a while now! LOVE IT!"
DJ Aleksij "Pretty cool electro package! All mixes are good!"
Ryan Riback "get ill will be hitting my set this weekend for sure!"
Tom EQ "Dubjack remix is awesome, liking the old skool flavour, deffo 1 I will play"
Chris James "liking get ill, reminds me of quirky crookers shit, which isnt a bad thing in my opinion :) "
Wonk "Loving the jak z remix by far the best in the package has alot more energy than the others and really brings the package up to the next level"

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