14 May, 2009

René Van Munster - Noodles EP

Jack Union's 10th release comes from dutch producer René Van Munster entitled "Noodles EP" and includes Zodiac Cartel on remix duties, available now from Beatport.

JU010: René Van Munster - Noodles EP (Right click, save)
1. Noodles (Original Mix)
2. Noodles (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
3. Ninjas (Original Mix)


RUDALL said...

nice track, although it does sound a bit too much like the old switch/induceve stuff (think oooyyesssirrr or however it's spelt) - you read herve's iDJ rant this month? his attitude annoys me but this stuff does fuel the fire

rawone said...

Been looking for this tune for ages. Love the JU sound. This epitomises it. Def gna queue it up in beatport