21 May, 2009

Scott Cooper Spring 2009 Mix

Scott's selection for Spring, let's hope the thunder here was just a one off and it's a sunny bank holiday weekend. Enjoy yourself over the weekend people, stay safe and don't drink too much!

Scott Cooper Spring 2009 Mix (zShare)

1. Chad North Vs Aaron Pope - The Grind Feat Estae (Scott Cooper Remix) //Erase Records
2. Mike Monday vs Third Face - What Canto Is It? //CDR
3. Renaissance Man - Spraycan //Dubsided
4. Oliver $ - Ta Com Medo De Mim? Feat Deiza Tigrona //Man Recordings
5. Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar - So Sick (Scott Cooper Remix) //Wearhouse Music
6. Nick & Danny Chatelain - Katrinyla (Mastiksoul Buff Buff Remix) //CDR
7. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Afrojack Remix) //Sneakerz Muzik
8. AC Slater - Rock It Out (Scott Cooper Remix) //Nightshifters
9. House of Stank - Get Up, Yeah (Hijack Remix) //Dust Traxx
10. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Edu K Remix) //CDR
11. Matt Star - Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix) //International Freakshow
12. Tom Flynn - Vienna //CDR
13. Basti Grub - Mariba //Gelt

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