05 November, 2009

TJR + NT89 + Steve Gerard

First up 2 not so new but still bangin' tracks from TJR, I myself can't wait for his Jack Union EP to drop... hopefully soon?

Johnny Fiasco - Love is a Message (TJR Remix) (Mediafire)

Hustle & Flow - Don't Mess With Us (TJR Remix) (Mediafire)

New track from NT89, if you like your tracks noisey then look no further!

NT89 - Foxes (Mediafire)

Finally the latest offering from Steve Gerard, one for the electro fans.

Steve Gerard - Organ Donor (Mediafire)

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Uhh Tss Uhh Tss said...

TJR is the man and is definitely on point to bring the ruckus to your area, been a long time coming for him. Glad to see him getting some props abroad.