03 November, 2009

Trevor Loveys - Body Jack + Interview

Trevor Loveys' first ever mix compilation dropped the other week on Music Response full of his own tracks and remixes alongside some exclusive and new material.

Do he right thing and head to HMV and buy the double cd now!

Interview: Trevor Loveys

Q: How come you haven’t put out a mix album before ‘Body Jack’? And was it important to include the majority of your own tracks/remixes on any eventual release?

A: I had wanted to do a compilation of my own stuff for a while, even a remix one. I have actually put a mix comp out on a label called Pagan in the late 90s. It was called ‘Soul Rebels’ and contained all my stuff on House of 909 under various names.

But yes, I wanted to put some of my main remixes over the years on the new ‘Body Jack’ mix and have it as a showcase for the sound I’ve helped build since early 2000.

Q: Tell us a bit about the new track ‘Skoolin Tings’...

A: Skoolin was a track I did loosely based around a Schooly D and Code Money record from back in my youth. I always loved that beat. And I also used the snare off the ‘Big Beat’ 1970s tune, I guess again I’m trying to mix up those old ideas with new bass sounds and melodies.

Q: Which are a couple of your personal favourite tracks or remixes on the ‘Body Jack’ mix and why?

A: I always remember how much I enjoyed making the mix of Roisin Murphy’s ‘You Know Me Better’. I went a bit 90s on it, but it was the amalgamation of our early Switch edits on vocals, making up breaks and using 90s style synth sounds. Also ‘Get Ya Dub On Part 2’, as it really is, for me, the beginnings of our sound.

Q: Yes, that distinctive sound you are known for pioneering has gone from strength to strength in clubland in recent years. How do you feel about where it's at now?

A: Yeah, it’s cool if the whole thing has got more people into House music and other forms of dance music. It’s been a good thing. There is definitely some good stuff out there now, but also a lot of stuff that has sort of the right elements, but not the originality, which is a shame. But overall I hope it’s still moving forward.

Q: So what else would you say is healthy and unhealthy about the state of dance music today?

A: Healthy is anything original that stands out, bringing back chords and melodies. Unhealthy I guess is tracks that have basslines all sounding like there all made by one dude who just sits all day turning the LFO rate knob around without actually writing a bassline.

Q: New technology has totally changed the way people are making and buying music now too. How has the digital revolution effected you personally and professionally?

A: Digital music, hmm, I guess it opened up the flood gates for a lot of new people to get involved, which in turn meant some great new music being made with all the possibilities and accessibility to software. On the downside, a lot of poor quality music flooded the market and this affected sales, but personally it’s handy to not have a massive mixing desk, having to finish a track before starting a new one, waiting half an hour to load up all your samples and effects unit setting. Ahh… they were the days.

Q: Where have you been playing and hanging out lately that you feel really gets your music?

A: I did Australia early this year and had such a good time there, and a great response from everyone. Mostly the response is great to the music, even when I go a little deeper or old skool. As for hanging out, I haven’t been for a while, but I do love YOYO at Notting Hill Arts Club. And my local boozer.

Q: When you do venture out beyond the cozy pub, who do you rate on dance floors at the moment, production and DJ wise?

A: That Herve bloke is pretty good, and I love the new Seiji stuff. Also Green Money and Dam Funk.

Q: Now ‘Body Jack’ has been released, what are you up to next and for the rest of the year?

A: Sleeping! No, I’m getting on with my artist album and also new Speaker Junk stuff with Herve, as well as any remixes and DJ gigs, and I’ll hopefully sneak the odd pint in here and there too. Lovely jubbly.

Now for the really exciting part! The man Loveys is heading up to Middlesbrough on Friday 13th November to join the crew for the next installment of the DB parties!

Disturbed Beats pres. Trevor Loveys
@ Inside Out (2nd Floor of Love2Love), Middlesbrough
Friday 13th November

Trevor Loveys
Dan Bishop

Doors: 10pm-3am
Tickets only £5 from DontStayIn or Skiddle
Facebook event

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