22 August, 2010

Disturbed Beats 017 - Mixed by Sick Jargon

It's finally here, Sick Jargon with the latest exclusive mix in the series including some of their new shit due out on Jack Union.

Disturbed Beats 017 - Mixed by Sick Jargon

001. Para One - Toadstool (Jesse Rose Made To Play Mix) [Sound Pellegrino]
002. Tom E.Q - Together [Jack Union]
003. Riot Kid - Watcha [DubNoir]
004. Eats Everything & Idiotproof - Can You Jump [CDR]
005. Sick Jargon - LocoGold [Audio Punk]
006. Eats Everything - Esta Loca [CDR]
007. Sick Jargon - I Can Get [Jack Union]
008. Donk Boys - Geekbox [Snatch]
009. Sick Fantasy - What To Do [CDR]
010. Chris James - The Swagman Returns [CDR]
011. Sick Jargon - LSR (Dub) [Jack Union]
012. Homework - I Got One (You're It) [Exploited]
013. Sick Jargon - Bitter [Jack Union]
014. Solid Groove - Throwing Stones [Dubsided]
015. Dixie Yure - By Defection [Nordik Net]

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Lime said...

like it:)
fnd njt on this topic
somebody know how to put image in mp3 file???
I'm from Belarus, sorry for my English :P

Nelly said...

you can do it through itunes, right click on the track in itunes and go to get info then click the artwork tab and add a picture

Lime said...

thx, Nelly)