12 August, 2010

Ghetto Funk EP

The latest release from Baboon Tunes is about to drop at the end of the month, Ghetto Funk EP is the name and with tracks from Groove Box, Jack Smith, Cracker Jack, 6T9, Whack Flava, Stereo Skunk and Teke Lips it's set to be another bouncy funk-fuelled EP.

Ghetto Funk EP (click the name for soundcloud samples)
1. Groove Box - Brazillian Pigs
2. Jack Smith - Fags
3. Cracker Jack - Samurai Jack
4. 6T9 - Buddha Beat
5. Whack Flava - Blue Berry Muffins
6. Stereo Skunk - Prison Bird
7. Teke Lips - Ghetto Motel

If that's not enough they have sent over another FREE EP from Schenk to keep you going till then.

Schenk - Stereo Image EP (Mediafire - Zip)
1. Stereo Image (Original Mix)
2. Stereo Image (Hunter Vaughan's Bounce Mix)
3. Stereo Image (6T9 Remix)
4. Stereo Image (Campbell Remix)
5. Stereo Image (Killafornia Remix)
6. Stereo Image (Kid Tech Remix)

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