06 August, 2010

Scion A/V Sound Pellegrino compilation

Now i've been away for the week so if you haven't already picked this up else where then get it now! This massive unmixed compilation from Sound Pellegrino includes tracks from Gucci Vump, Bart B More & Harvard Bass, Renaissance Man and more, check out the list below.

All zipped up and ready to download with Gucci Vump's track as a separate download for a taster..

Scion A/V Sound Pellegrino Compilation (Zipped)

1. Gucci Vump - Shashtilism
2. Bambounou - Abodan
3. Para One - Toadstool (Lol Boys Remix)
4. Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen To This
5. Out One - Altamont
6. Renaissance Man - What Is Guru (Dop Remix)
7. Momma's Boy - Bot Band Concerto (BBC)
8. MYD & Sam Tiba - Next Novel

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