08 October, 2010


Detnum from Pieces of Mayhem has sent over some bits for you to check out including previews of a track he's done with Campbell which is at the minute unsigned and looking for a good home (label).

Campbell & Detnum - Bit of That

Schenk - Ok (Detnum's Happy Clap Remix)

mp3: Bingo Players vs Hijack vs Oliver $ - Detnum's Diner (Detnum Cut n' Paste Edit)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

And finally although it's titled "Summer" mixtape if you're over here in the UK summer is long gone but for Detnum out in Australia it's just around the corner. He has put together an hour of summer bliss.

Gangster Paradise Summer Mixtape - Mixed by Detnum

01. Kazey & Bulldog - For The Real Gangsters (French Fries Remix)
02. Hijack & Jeff Doubleu - The Ghetto
03. Young Nuts - Crank Up The Volume (Roby Howler Bigg Up Mix)
04. Tom Flynn - Vienna (Round Table Knights Remix)
05. Monkey Safari - Fanfara (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
06. Fanta Jack - D.Boy
07. Manare - Speak Easy (Lorcan Mak Remix)
08. Untitled
09. Blaze Tripp - San Fierro (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
10. Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
11. Joris Delacroix - Calin Cale (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
12. Sick Jargon - Just Jack (Robert Boogert Remix)
13. Eats Everything - Crawfords Flight
14. Asser - Evil (Holy Boyz Remix) (Unreleased)
15. Hick Up - Mitzvah (Unreleased // Due out on Sweat It Out)
16. Hijack & Jeff Doubleu - Gypsies
17. HolyBoyz - Man On The Moon (Unreleased)
18. Detgroove - Clouseau (Unreleased)
19. Holy Boyz - Ferrio  (Unreleased)
20. Tensake - Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
21. Rodriguez Jr  - Lila
22. Crookers - Fancy Footwork (House Cat Remix)
23. Subskrpt - We'll Be Fine

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