06 April, 2011

Eats Everything Interview + Track

We have a little treat in store for all you readers today with an exclusive interview and track from the fast-rising DJ/producer Dan Pearce aka Eats Everything. Interviews have been all but extinct from DB in recent times but we will look at bringing them back as a regular occurrence. Grab the track at the bottom of the interview.

Eats Everything interview

Nelly: First of all you go under the name ‘Eats Everything’, how did that come about and if it’s for the reason I’m thinking is there anything you wouldn’t eat??

Eats Everything: It was kind of a joke really, my general nicknames from my mates (bastards) are Tubs, Fats, Chubtop etc so I just went with that and it stuck. I like all kinds of music and play most genre’s as well so the “Everything” part kind of works there. Plus I eat loads!

Nelly: What got you into making beats and how long did it take for you to develop your sound to a point where you were happy?

Eats Everything: I have been DJing since 1993 (I am an old man) and have been making music since about 2002 on and off. I used to be in a duo called Schmidt a while back but the guy I was working with just decided to stop one day in about 2008 and that is when Eats Everything was born.
With regard to my sound, I have really only been properly happy with it in the last year or so but I can imagine in a years time I will be saying the same thing.

Nelly: What is the one track you love (or hate) that you wish you had produced?

Eats Everything: Recent tracks, Catz n Dogz – I’m The One Who’s Crazy is a masterpiece in my opinion, everything about it is massive. Also Justin Martin & Ardalan – Mr Spock is legendary. All time tracks, anything by the Sharp Boys, Murk Boys or The Rhythm Masters early to mid 90’s is top drawer even now.

Nelly: We hear a lot of collaborations these days and obviously you’ve been doing a bit with Idiotproof already, but do you have any plans to collaborate with anyone else in the near future or have someone in mind that you’d love to produce with?

Eats Everything: I have a few things up my sleeve with some well known guys!!! Chris James and I have done a few really special tracks which we will be unleashing soon. I would love to produce with Justin Martin or Format:B. They are both second to none in my opinion.

Nelly: Who or what is the main influence in your productions?

Eats Everything: Early to mid 90’s house in all its forms is my inspiration, and BASS!

Nelly: When you are starting off a new track/remix what usually comes first and how long do you take over each production?

Eats Everything: I make music all the time so whenever I have an idea I knock up a little loop and then save it. Then when I have a remix or a good sample come along I try out the parts with the various loops I have made.
Then again I start from scratch from time to time. It all depends on my mood and stuff really!!

Nelly: You have a long list of originals and remixes under your belt with two tracks ‘Hevvie’ and ‘Lakota’ included on Southern Fried’s ‘Fried & Tested Tracks Vol. 1’ and not forgetting your massive remix of the Mighty Dub Katz classic ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, but what’s next for Eats Everything?

Eats Everything: I have just had an EP signed to Anabatic and another to Catz n Dogz Pets imprint. I am working with Get Fresh (Stupid Fresh’s label as well) and am doing more colabs with Idiotproof and others. Putting on more weight is also top of the agenda.

Nelly: Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and we look forward to hearing more shit from you very soon!!

Now time for Eats Everything’s latest collaboration with Made To Play trio Idiotproof!

mp3: Idiotproof & Eats Everything – Suck The Pain Away
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

Finally this week Southern Fried Records released ‘Lakota’ and the hotly tipped 'Hevvie' as part of their 'Fried & Tested Tracks' digital compilation, exclusively on Beatport.

Grab them here.

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