01 April, 2011

Shab Ruffcut - Week 4

The final two pieces of the Ruffcut jigsaw now with the tracks 'Lord' from the Come With Us EP and 'Tonic' part of the Bikini Games EP.

Big up the Shab and keep an eye out for his latest EP 'Disco Tech' set for release April 15th on it_Tizz Recordings, 'Basher' is massive!

Shab Ruffcut - Lord (Soundcloud)

Shab Ruffcut - Tonic (Soundcloud)

Now going off how late I am getting this post up I think there is only a day or 2 left before the download links get taken down so move fast!

New EP Preview:
Shab Ruffcut - Disco Tech Preview (Soundcloud)

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