01 April, 2011

The Young Punx / MofoHifi Remix Project

The Young Punx have made the entire remix parts for the whole Mashpop & Punkstep album publicly available for anyone to remix. They then plan to release a free online album featuring the best revisions, on MofoHifi (home to Phonat and Polymath). What's more, there is a very attractive label deal with 50/50 profit shares up for grabs. Sound good? Read on...

It was about a year ago when MASHED POPPED PUNKED leaked out online, a bootleg album that saw select members of the blogger/remix community mash-up the entire (then new) album from The Young Punx, Mashpop & Punkstep. A fitting tribute from a culture that spawned TYP.

2011 is going to be a new chapter for The Young Punx. They have realigned their sights and stripped things back to being all about club music. With a summer of key European festival dates booked, and a hard-drive FULL of brand spanking new electronic club music, what better time than now to officially allow that album of work to be ripped up, cut and pasted into something new and fit for the dancefloor?

If you are interested in getting stuck in re-wiring The Young Punx then here's what to do:

Grab the stems from this link. Make your own remix of any track on the album. Submit your remix to the MofoHifi Record’s dropbox. The winning tracks will made into an online album – Mashed Popped Punked Volume 2- distributed via Audio Porn Central. Any remixes officially released by MofoHifi Record will see the remixer getting 50% of the artist share of any sales revenue with an option to release an original track via the label, plus we will send Mashed Popped Punked T-shirts for each of the winners.


The deadline is 30th of April.

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