25 November, 2008

Cornershop - Roll Out (SOLO RMX) EXCLUSIVE

Freshly nicked from my trip to Solo's studio at the weekend, this beauty was planned for compilation albums but as Solo says "it's been a while now and no one has been back to me, fuck them!" (them weren't his exact words but they were along them lines)...

So here it is, this track is BIG and to be very honest I want to keep it to myself :( but this baby needs to get played!! So give your support to the mighty Solo and thank him for the massive remix, who I guarantee is gonna blow up big time in 2009 with a release due on Dirty Bird in march along with numerous remixes + releases for his and Mowgli's own Deadfish/Freshfish label.

Cornershop - Roll Off (Solo Remix) (Mediafire)


RUDALL said...

there's not enough of this quality, chilled out twitchy (alright then, fidget) house about. great track cheers :)

Nelly said...

don't thank me, thank solo for the awesome remix!

RUDALL said...

fair one. thanks solo - hot shit

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you dig the sound!
beest is yet to come.. =)